November 17, 2010

Putting your foot down

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We got two plays with great significance, because everything is magnified when it's Week 11. On our chosen play, it's not until the third angle (thanks, NESN!) that you get a definitive look that this is a catch, but indeed, Williams receiver Tomas Kearney gets the foot down inbounds on a catch from Pat Moffitt. On the next play, Moffitt throws a 33-yard touchdown pass to give Williams a 24-10 fourth-quarter lead on archrival Amherst. It's the Play of the Week:

We solicit video of top plays from every Division III football programs and this was our top clip. In a light week, we had only one other play good enough to be called a finalist, but thanks to the coaches and SIDs who did take time out of their season wrapup or playoff prep to send us clips.

Week 11 Play of the Week finalist

You can see even more top plays on the YouTube channel.