• Calling your alma mater home
    September 20, 2018
    Division III is home to many coaches who have made a life out of coaching at the same school they played at. Some of those coaches graduated, coached elsewhere and came home as head coach, while some never left. Adam Turer talks to a handful of young coaches who arrived as teenagers and are now young head coaches in this edition of Around the Nation.
  • Read & React: Setting the standard
    September 16, 2018
    One week doesn't make or break a season, but an impressive Saturday showing can help propel a program into the national conversation. Hear from Ithaca and Thomas More coaches, whose teams made statements with comeback wins on Saturday.
  • 'You don't get better playing bad people'
    September 13, 2018
    There are many different ways to build a non-conference schedule, perhaps as many as there are coaches. But Monmouth went out and scheduled tough, and the Scots were not alone. They talk about the lessons and the gains with Adam Turer in Around the Nation.
  • Read & React: Fast cleats to fill
    September 09, 2018
    North Central and Lake Forest both graduated All-America running backs, but started their seasons with promising production from the position. It helps that each team also returns its experienced star quarterback.
  • Slow starts; fast finishes
    September 06, 2018
    Three nationally prominent teams all faced similar situations in Week 1: They came out a little slow and either led by small margins or, in one case, trailed big at the half. But in each case, the second half was a different story. Adam Turer talks to them all in Around the Nation.
  • Read & React: The long road of independence
    September 02, 2018
    Thomas More started its ten-week playoff campaign 0-1. Wash U. can relate after a similarly challenging schedule in 2017. What can the Saints learn from the Bears?
  • The brotherhood of football
    August 30, 2018
    There is very little incentive to be a Division III football player. But those who come out, put in the work, and suit up on Saturdays come away with something far more valuable than a little exercise.
  • 2017 Year in Review
    December 22, 2017
    This was a bittersweet year, Adam Turer writes. Despite players who didn't finish the season, to an entire program that didn't make it to the end, along with the death of a beloved coach and the end of a Stagg Bowl era, there was pleasure to counterbalance the pain.
  • Playoff picks, surprises and disappointments
    November 16, 2017
    Who are the teams that will surprise in this year's playoffs? Who will be the disappointments? And who will still be standing when we get to the semifinals? That's what our panel picks today in an annual Around the Nation tradition.
  • Playing up to expectations
    November 12, 2017
    Our projections and predictions were impressive. Let's take a look back at the teams we thought would be playing in Week 12, and assess what happened to those who came up short.
  • End of a long road
    November 09, 2017
    Barry Streeter ends his 39-year head-coaching career with his final game on Saturday, and Regis Scafe is retiring after 22 years as a Division III head coach. That's dedication to Division III football. More in Around the Nation.
  • Going out on a high note
    November 05, 2017
    Dozens of seniors played their final college football game yesterday. Many had to balance the sting of missing out on the playoffs with the joy of ending their career with a win. That and a whole lot more in Snap Judgments.
  • Cru's success is infectious
    November 02, 2017
    Mary Hardin-Baylor's 2016 national title may well have lit a fire under the rest of the Crusaders' fall sports, and meanwhile, the 2017 Cru are looking to keep the run going.
  • Built for the stretch run
    October 29, 2017
    Some programs had backloaded schedules this year. These final few weeks are their time to prove whether their early success was smoke and mirrors, or if they are for real. Eureka is one team that belongs in the latter category. Adam Turer has more in Snap Judgments.
  • Surviving the quick change
    October 26, 2017
    There were quite a few late-season coaching changes, and it meant an end to one program as well as a shortened season for another. But the quick change in coaches, and the resulting domino effect, isn't always a program's death sentence.
  • Let's have a breakdown together
    October 22, 2017
    Three games on Saturday provided clarity in the playoff picture. There is still much to be decided on the field over the next three weeks. Adam Turer makes his premature predictions in this week's Snap Judgments.
  • No longer beasts, East trying to break back through
    October 19, 2017
    No East Region team has finished the season in Salem since 1999, and it has been 10 years since an East team has even been to the semifinals. Adam Turer explores the reasons why in Around the Nation.
  • Occidental not giving up yet
    October 15, 2017
    The Tigers cancelled yet another home game, this time on homecoming weekend. Emotions are running high on campus, but the coaches and players are determined to overcome the latest adversity. That and more in Snap Judgments.
  • Bruins' long road to respect
    October 12, 2017
    Seven-plus years of planning, four-plus years of practice and three-plus years of competition have led George Fox to this point -- a Top 25 ranking and a chance to play for the Northwest Conference title. The Bruins who stuck it out from the start talk to Adam Turer in Around the Nation.
  • Picks and polls
    October 08, 2017
    Interceptions won some games and clinched others across Division III this weekend. Adam Turer looks at those underrated plays and breaks down his Top 25 voting strategy in this week's Snap Judgments.
  • Re-ranking the conferences in 2017
    October 05, 2017
    When conference memberships shift as much as they have this year, ranking the conferences becomes an even more difficult job. But hey, that's why Adam Turer gets whatever qualifies as the big bucks at D3football.com. Here's his take for 2017.
  • Through the eyes of the quarterback
    October 01, 2017
    What is it like to pass for over 500 yards in a game, or over 1,400 yards through four games? Few know how it feels, but Hayden Bauserman and Michael Whitley shared their perspective after another prolific performance. That and more in Snap Judgments.
  • Hot starts create unlikely unbeatens
    September 28, 2017
    As we head into the final weekend of the season’s first month, 39 teams sit at either 3-0 or 4-0. Many are the usual suspects, including 18 teams ranked in the latest Top 25 poll. Others, however, are off to more historic starts. More in Around the Nation.
  • An emotional week
    September 24, 2017
    Loss, scandal, history, and catharsis. This week had everything. From Wooster honoring their teammate to Grove City breaking a long losing skid, Snap Judgments looks back on an emotional weekend.
  • Rivalry showdown takes center field
    September 21, 2017
    Don't let the unique location or record-breaking attendance numbers distract you. The Tommie-Johnnie game is about one thing, and one thing only: who will emerge as the frontrunner for the MIAC crown. More in Around the Nation.
  • Feeding the beasts
    September 17, 2017
    Several teams remained undefeated by following a familiar formula: get the ball in your best player's hands, repeatedly, until a defense figures out how to stop him. That and more in Week 3's Snap Judgments.
  • Back from hiatus
    September 14, 2017
    Three former All-Region players spent 2016 on the sidelines. One was actually on the sidelines after a transfer that did not translate to playing time. The other two were away from their team, suffering the consequences of their poor decisions.
  • How to pull off an upset
    September 10, 2017
    It takes aggression. Fourth downs, fake punts, and two-point conversions all factored into the weekend's biggest upsets. Snap Judgments looks at how those games shake up the national championship race.
  • Digging in for Duke
    September 07, 2017
    Muhlenberg head coach Mike Donnelly has been forced to the sidelines this year as he fights acute monocytic leukemia. But he hasn't been absent from the hearts and minds of players he coaches, or coaches he's squared off against. More in Around the Nation.
  • Remembering how to win again
    September 03, 2017
    Week One did not disappoint. Snap Judgments returns, getting you caught up on the Top 25 upsets, record-breaking individual performances, and long-awaited victories that defined the season's opening weekend.
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