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This is America — land of the free and home of the brave. My grandfathers, father, uncle and friends have served this country to provide for all of us, the freedoms that we have today. We do not serve their gallant efforts justly, if we allow the terrorists acts of this week to cause us to back off or back down from living life to the best of our abilities.

My son will join his Widener teammates, going on to the field and playing this Saturday. May I say very proudly, I see this as a very loud and firm statement that he is one citizen who will stand up and say, Oh no, you will not shut down our country with fear! We are Americans loyal, proud and strong and free!

I can understand games requiring air travel to be suspended but not those using ground travel. It is my opinion that those games should be played in honor of those killed and injured this week. We need to unify and stand strongly together, in honoring our lost and injured and those they have left behind.

Proud to be an AMERICAN, 
Peggy Jones
Wilmington, Del.

The decision by the NCAA to allow schools to play games this weekend is an abomination. I played D3 ball, and was a captain of my squad. I coached for six years after I finished playing. So, I understand how your web page poll is 75% in favor of playing games. Coaches and players are the more dedicated and passionate about their sport then almost anyone else is about their profession. They think that playing is the best idea in this situation, and they have a right to think that. It doesn't make it the right choice.

Many coaches have the same story of difficult personal lives and family relations because of all the time spent coaching. They make choices, like the one I made to skip my grandmother's funeral for a game my junior year, out of a sense of loyalty to teammates. Unfortunately, they are blinded by their passion for football. Playing is the wrong thing to do this weekend. It's wrong for the players and coaches. It's wrong for their family, friends, and community. Most of all, it's wrong for the victims and families of victims of this terrible act of war.


Matthew J. Leahy
WPI Class of 1995

I enjoy your site and I especially enjoyed your editorial about this weekend's games.

I agree that we need to get back to normal as soon as possible.

Cheryl Kluft

First it must be noted that I am an assistant coach at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y. Second of all, I must state that I am embarrased to be a part of college football's mistake to play games this weekend. For you to make a statement that we must play football to celebrate America and all that is stands for is not only foolish but shows that somewhere along the line you have lost you compassion for humankind.

The idea that Division III football games will somehow stand as a symbol to never dying American pride in the wake a this disaster is awful. Everywhere around the country people are mourning one of the greatest disasters of our time and yet you take it apon yourself to declare that Division III football saint and savior. Absolutely tragic. I truly hope that no one you know was in the Trade Center or Pentagon, for if they were, I wish you the best in begging their forgivenss because the families of the other victims may never forgive or forget.

Jon Rowan

Let me say that I agree with you, Pat. We need to play football. We need to get on with our lives. Just as President Bush told us, let's not let terrorism affect our daily lives. Just because we play football this weekend, that doesn't mean we're going to forget about those who were tragically killed. We can all wear black bands around our arms. A moment of silence before we take the field of battle. Something can be done to remember those who died on Tuesday.

Ryan Glab
Aurora, Ill.