Winning in Winnipeg

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Augsburg in Canada
Augsburg and the East Side Eagles each played one half under the other country's rules.
Augsburg photo by Don Stoner
The field was larger. The rules were similar. And the language was the same. But when Augsburg ventured north to Manitoba this past week, the rulebook didn't matter.

Except where the rouge was involved.

On a beautiful day in Winnipeg, Augsburg played the East Side Eagles football club and came away with a 59-20 win, including the distinctly Canadian way of earning a single point. On the game's last play, Augsburg's Josh Pronschinske punted the ball deep into the Eagles' end zone. When an Eagles player caught the ball a foot out of the end zone, the Auggies had their rouge.

Division III rules allow teams to take a foreign trip once every three years. The benefits include 10 practices in full pads. Well, and the educational experience. And the camaraderie.

Augsburg's passing offense was well-suited to the wider and longer Canadian football field.

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