Kickoff 2010 has kicked off!

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Shortly after noon ET we pointed, clicked, hit enter and put Kickoff 2010 out live into the Division III football world.

There's so much content here, we almost don't know where to begin describing it. First of all, we preview all 238 teams that we cover, from UW-Whitewater to ... well, we could tell you who's ranked last, but that's part of Kickoff.

If you dig deep, you'll find out about the former Cincinnati Reds prospect coming back to try his hand at football, or two former Big Ten players suiting up for teams that everyone would consider playoff contenders. Or, from a higher level, check out our feature stories, including one on a certain winningest coach in college football history who not only is not a figurehead, he's editing his own video.

Keith McMillan writes his annual 'Beyond the Top 25' column, noting teams outside the poll who will nonetheless make the playoffs, and teams who made the field last year but will miss out in 2010. We tackle the UW-Whitewater/Mount Union dual dynasty from two angles: How did it get this way and how do we stop it? We rank every team. We predict. Plus you can go back and see previous years' feature stories as well.

All that and more in Kickoff. It's out. Dig deep and enjoy.

Kickoff is $10 and is available to registered and paid users online. (Users who register with .edu e-mail addresses get a 40% discount, to $6.) Register now!