Taking a dive

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Mike Durnin

Most football coaches on a Saturday afternoon are busy leading their teams on the gridiron. On Saturday, Sept. 25, the Luther football team held a short practice because it was the bye week on the schedule.

Following practice, unbeknownst to family, friends and the football team, coach Mike Durnin drove to Fort Atkinson, Wis. where his wife, Karen, their oldest daughter, son-in-law and various relatives were already scheduled to skydive.

After surprising the entire group, Mike, who is deathly afraid of heights, proceeded to give the Norse football team an example that with preparation and trust, one can overcome their greatest fears. Mike's video was played as part of a team meeting after the bye weekend.

Mike's jump out of the plane occurred at approximately 12,000 feet and the free fall lasted approximately one minute, traveling 120-plus miles per hour.

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