The last of the waiting

Bubble teams

The last of the waiting is upon us. Selection Sunday is here.

The selection show is on ESPNews. It follows the Division II selection show in the same 3-3:30 p.m. half-hour, so be patient. We will reveal the bracket to you as soon as we are allowed. A new story will be on the front page about it.

Earlier on Sunday

We posted our final playoff projection a little after midnight Eastern time on Saturday night. It's a combination of who we think should get in and who we think the NCAA will put in, based on regional rankings so far and Saturday's results.

What you read might surprise you. Our own Keith McMillan, in fact, said he was "stunned."

Here's how we got here.

Friday, T-minus 2 days

Triple Take, our weekly predictions blog, hit the site in the morning.

Our projected bracket has been posted.

Saturday, T-minus 1 day

Six remaining automatic bids are handed out, plus every at-large bid is on the line. (Except for SUNY-Maritime's Pool B candidacy, since the Privateers' regular season is over.)

Sunday, the day

Early Sunday morning (or late Saturday night, depending on where you are) we posted our final playoff projection.

During the morning and early afternoon we'll all debate that and other things to death, no doubt.

Sunday afternoon, between 3 and 3:30 p.m. EST on ESPNews, the Division III football playoff bracket will be announced. Don't have ESPNews? We'll have the bracket here for you.

Keep checking back for all the latest.