NCAA tweaks selection process

When the 2011 NCAA playoff teams are selected and seeded, their 2010 playoff performance could be considered.

The Division III championships committee, which covers all NCAA Division III sports, has approved football to use "performance in the previous championship season" as part of the selection criteria.

The previous season's performance is to be used only when criteria are considered equal among all unbeaten teams.

Last year, the defending national champion, UW-Whitewater, was seeded second in its bracket despite having won 25 consecutive games. 

In previous years, it seems that this criteria has already been in use, if unofficially. 

The committee also asked to move most of the secondary criteria, which include results in non-region games against Division III opponents and overall Division III strength of schedule, into the primary criteria. That request was tabled. 

The championships committee also approved an increase in the playoff squad size from 52 to 58 teams for the 2012 championship. That change, however, must go through more steps in the NCAA approval process.

More changes in other sports are detailed in an NCAA News story.