Heading for Selection Sunday

Will Wheaton make the field?
Wheaton athletics photo by Mike Hudson

It's a long week for Division III football fans, especially after the craziness of the Week 10 games, both inside and outside the Top 25. Here's how you can stay sane and get to the selection show Sunday evening.


Around the Nation Podcast: Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan sit down for their weekly show, and take you through all of the 16-plus teams with realistic chances at the seven at-large bids.

Plus, this is a good day to catch up on whatever you missed over the weekend: Saturday's Top 25 and overall Week 10 wrapup, as well as the new D3football.com Top 25.

And also, check out the Postgame Show, which comes out Monday afternoon and is a collection of fans' and reporters' D3reports as well as team-posted highlight packages.


First and most important: Go vote! Especially if you are a student, exercise this right if you have not voted absentee or early.

Our weekly honor roll, the Team of the Week, is posted overnight for Tuesday morning. Schools nominate players with a deadline of 8 p.m. ET Monday night and we choose the top players at each position.

On Tuesday, we also reveal our Play of the Week. If you have access to video, send us a link or email us the file by 5 p.m. ET on Monday for our team to consider. The Play of the Week is sponsored by the City of Salem, hosts of Stagg Bowl XL.

Get the latest skinny on playoff-bound teams and more from our Around the Region columns. We have our best slate of columnists in our site's history, and they've written some great stories this season.

Also, check our blog, the Daily Dose, on Tuesday, for a playoff breakdown from Keith McMillan regarding the at-large teams. It will be your handy guide to what each team faces this week and how your team could be affected.


Around the Region columns continue, plus we'll get the next set of NCAA regional rankings on Wednesday afternoon. That's what determines the formal pecking order for at-large bids. They can also give you an informal idea of how teams might be seeded in the brackets and who might get home games.


We will do another projected playoff bracket based on the new set of regional rankings, giving you an idea of who might be playing whom and where in the tournament. Also, Keith McMillan will file his Around the Nation column.


People treat Friday as a quiet day on our site but no day is quiet come playoff time. There is sure to be plenty of discussion around the bracket projections, plus we will also do our weekly predictions, the Triple Take.


Game time! We'll have the scores from all of the games here on the Scoreboard, plus have a separate scoreboard just set aside for the bubble teams to do a little scoreboard-watching.

Overnight Saturday we'll do a final projected playoff bracket to take into account the entire season. Expect this to be in the night-owl part of the night.

Selection Sunday

Discuss the playoff projections on Twitter using the #d3fb hashtag, as well as on our message board, D3boards.com. People registering with a fake address do not get access, sorry. This isn't a high school message board.

The selection show is scheduled for 6 p.m. ET, and we will have a direct link for you as soon as the NCAA provides it.

After the selection show, we'll analyze on D3football.com, and Pat and Keith will do another Around the Nation Podcast Sunday night for the early Monday morning crowd.

Spread the word -- you won't get this kind of coverage of Division III football from anyone else.