Go Beyond the Box Score with DC's Tom Foos

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Tom Foos is a two-time All-HCAC performer and is handling the kicking and punting duties for DC in 2010. Foos holds the DC records for most career punts and longest punt.

Now is your chance to get to know Tom Foos away from the gridiron, as we go beyond the box score with the senior special teams ace.

20 Questions With Tom Foos

1-When did you start playing football? I started playing when I was in seventh grade 

2-What has been the highlight of your athletic career so far? I would say having a 70-yard punt at Hanover this year, or kicking the game-winning field goal there during my sophomore year. 

3-What are your goals for the remainder of the 2010 season? To improve as a kicker and help the team win the rest of its games. 

4-Who is your funniest teammate? There are a lot of funny guys on the team now, but I would say nothing has been as funny as when there was a whole special teams crew during my first three years here. 

5-Do you have any nicknames? Most people just call me 'Foos'.

6-What three words best describe you? Easy-going, patient, friendly. 

7-What is your favorite restaurant? Hot Rice! If that counts as a restaurant. 

8-Who is your biggest hero? This is a cliche, but I would say my parents. They have not missed a game in all four years. 

9-Dream vacation spot? Someplace warm. I am not a huge fan of being cold.

10-What is the top song currently on your iPod? "This Ain't No Love Song" by Trace Adkins.

11-Who was your childhood sports hero? Phil Dawson is the man. 

12-Do you have any superstitions or pre-game routines? I just like to relax and stay calm. I do not try to get too pumped up.

13-If you could trade places with anyone for one day, who would it be? Probably someone that is filthy rich, just so I could see what it is like. 

14-What is your favorite TV show? I do not watch a whole lot of TV.

15-What is something most people do not know about you? I have never played soccer even though I am a kicker.

16-What is your biggest fear? Losing loved ones.

17-Besides your own, what is your favorite sport to watch at Defiance? Soccer is pretty entertaining sometimes. I catch a game every once in a while at practice. 

18-What is your favorite class or professor at DC and why? Dr. Gunsch. He has taught every digital forensics class I have had here. He has helped me through so much as well.

19-What are your plans after graduating from DC? I hope to be able to find a job in the digital forensics field in either law enforcement or business.

20-How has playing collegiate athletics at DC helped you in life? Being a part of collegiate football, I have met so many people that I know I would not have otherwise met. I have formed friendships that will last a long time. Also, the coaches are there for all of us and will do anything to help us out.