Defiance College's Joemese Scott Goes Beyond the Box Score

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Joemese Scott garnered a Preseason All-America award on the heels of being named First-Team All-HCAC as a junior.

Now is your chance to get to know Joemese Scott away from the gridiron, as we go beyond the box score with the senior sack artist.

20 Questions With Joemese Scott

1-When did you start playing football? I started playing organized football in ninth grade. I have played backyard football since I was a little kid, but I could never play Pop Warner because I was too big. I weighed 200 pounds in fifth grade.

2-What has been the highlight of your athletic career so far? Just being able to play after my high school career was over. I never thought I would play football in college. I would also say being named as a D3ProDay.com Preseason All-American this season.

3-What are your goals for the remainder of the 2011 season? To play like I know how to play, to lead the team into every game, to give it our all and to win out.

4-Who is your funniest teammate? Well me of course. I had the funniest senior speech of all time and I have been making the coaching staff and team laugh since 2007.

5-Do you have any nicknames? Jogreezy, The Beast, Mr. 99, Big Daddy.

6-What three words best describe you? Welcoming, happy, competitive.

7-What is your favorite restaurant? Oh Denny's, hands down. They have the best chicken sandwich ever.

8-Who is your biggest hero? My mother, Ruby Scott and my mentors Mr. Below and Mark Dietrich. Without these people, I would not be in college.

9-Dream vacation spot? Jamaica.

10-What is the top song currently on your iPod? "Young Jeezy", by Run DMC.

11-Who was your childhood sports hero? Hands down, Deion Sanders.

12-Do you have any superstitions or pre-game routines? Before games, I listen to slow music to stay calm until it is time to go out. Then I play more rap.

13-If you could trade places with anyone for one day, who would it be? I would not trade with anyone, because I could not give up my girl for a day to anyone.

14-What is your favorite TV show? "Martin".

15-What is something most people do not know about you? That I am funny and friendly and talkative.

16-What is your biggest fear? Loosing something that I love.

17-Besides your own, what is your favorite sport to watch at Defiance? Basketball and volleyball.

18-What is your favorite class or professor at DC and why? Dr. Stefan Hall, because he understands his students and we understand him.

19-What are your plans after graduating from DC? Taking football as far as it can go and find a job. I have to pay the loans.

20-How has playing collegiate athletics at DC helped you in life? It has taught me that working hard will get you somewhere in life. Things are not just handed to you on a platter, you have to go out and get it. Opportunity is all around, but you have to take it for what it is worth.

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Dec. 9: All times Eastern
Mount Union 43, at UW-Oshkosh 40
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at Mary Hardin-Baylor 24, Brockport 0
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Dec. 15: All times Eastern
Mount Union 12, at Mary Hardin-Baylor 0
@ Salem, Va.
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